Triad DJ & Events: DJ Vs. a Band


Madison here with Triad DJ & Events. Today’s Topic: Is a DJ Better than a band for one’s wedding reception? Here at Triad DJ & Events we love live music just as much as the next person. However, when it comes to weddings, a DJ is a great option. Intrigued?  

 First, a DJ can play literally ANY song you want and any version of it as long as it’s available. A band, on the other hand, typically has a music style of their own and oftentimes, doesn’t have a broad vocal range For this reason, a DJ is typically more diverse and can satisfy a broader demographic. Next, most bands take breaks and DJ’s don’t really.

When you hire a DJ with us, they also serve as the MC (Master of Ceremonies). Additionally, their responsibilities include the following: handle introductions and announcements and working with the other vendors in addition to keeping the event on track and flowing smoothly. With all of this: Who has time for a break?

Painter-686Sami Hill Bands says that on average, most great dance bands for weddings or special events are likely to cost between $2500 and $7500. That’s a hefty chunk out of your budget! On the other hand, the average DJ service costs around $1200, depending on services.  While prices are subject to change, that is a big difference.

  Now before hiring your DJ, you definitely want to interview and make sure they are a good fit for you. Not all DJs are the same, so do you homework, and take it from us: Triad DJ & Events.  Even if you don’t go with our service, hire someone with a lot of experience: It will make all the difference and you and your guests will ultimately have a better time.

 We’re not slamming live bands here, we love them too! But when it comes to your wedding reception, a Professional Wedding DJ is a solid investment. Contact us today to hire one of our amazing guys!

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