Corporate Holiday Party Made Simple

When it comes to corporate holiday parties they are either way awesome hit or a terrible miss. After all, your employees show up to work mostly because they’re paid to do so. When it comes to a party celebrating them and the holidays, host a corporate party that even the CEO is excited to attend.

Amazing Music. Not everyone wants to listen to Silent Night and Christmas Rock on repeat all night. So before you go out and buy Celine … Read More

Haunted Halloween: Corporate-Style

What’s Harry Potter, the Morton salt girl, and a narwhal have in common? The company Halloween party! The location is set up and food is ready to rock but will it be enough to entertain all of your co-workers and their guests for three or four hours? Unless you have loads of games on hand, the mingle will eventually fade to boredom. So what do you do? Leave the fun stuff to us.

We got lights. Lots of lights! From … Read More

Bigger is Better: The Entourage Photo Booth

Want to feel like the next up-and-coming super star a la Entourage at your next event? Book our newest photo booth and you’ll be the hero of the evening.

The Vanity Entourage photo booth is much like our other original Vanity photo booth. It still has that sleek and sophisticated look that can match any decor, any event, and any color with LED lights. The social integration is still as strong as ever, posting photos on Facebook, Twitter, or many … Read More

Q&A with Tania of Tania’s Mixing Bowl

complete-0005I met Tania while working together on a styled shoot this past February and we instantly clicked.  She is creative and has a unique sense of style as well as a great passion for what she does. Not only does she have a sweet disposition, but her cakes are just as sweet.  Below is an excerpt from an informal meeting. Hope you enjoy reading.

1.  Tania, for those don’t know you, Please tell us about your background? How long have Read More

Q &A with Mark Potter of Mark Potter Photography

About Me_01

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for a few years now; we actually DJ and MC’d his wedding back in 2011.  I can honestly say that Mark is one of the nicest people that you’ll ever meet.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Mark, the Owner of Mark Potter Photography, and we had a great discussion about weddings, photography and a smorgasbord of other topics…. Here is a portion of our discussion.

1. How did Read More

Q&A with Chris Fletcher, Founder of Triad DJ & Events

How long have you been in business

It’s hard to believe sometimes, but it’s actually going on 22 years now since we’ve been running Triad DJ & Events. Of course, everyone has to get their start somewhere, but as many companies before us, we started small (as a two man operation while I was in college) doing a few events per month, and today, our team here in the Triad consists of 13 professionals doing on average 8-10 events … Read More

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