Picture Perfect Fun: Photo Booths

The top complaint of many events is the lack of photos. When all is said and done, we realize we only have two pictures of our sister. Photo booths have taken center stage in providing fun and entertaining pictures that you’ll cherish for years to come. Set your event with a fabulous and unique photo booth.

Photo Booth Scrapbook

Each set of photographs will print into two fun film strips–take one home and keep the second as a keepsake. Once

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Your Photobooth: Placement is Everything

Caterer-check, venue reservation-check, entertainment-check. Photobooth placement?

Photobooths have become as necessary as the photographer capturing moments that may otherwise go forgotten. When some people have decided against the wandering photographer, they’ve choosen the hip alternative: the photobooth. This provides guests the opportunity to take home their own memories of your event while leaving behind one for the host as a keepsake. And what can be more entertaining than seeing grandma with a feather boa?

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Hamilton Terrace: The Rooftop Reception Venue

Feel on top of the world with the unveiling of Hamilton Terrace, a beautiful space that includes a unique terrace view located just atop the Vanguard Furniture Building. A breath-taking wedding or events setting perfect for rooftop dancing and formal entertaining inside amongst entirely customizable surroundings. The building exudes the picturesque modern style that many brides crave while having the ability to stylize the entertainment area perfect for your liking.

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Figuring Up Flowers-Part I

You have your dress hanging up as mentioned, your location figured, but when it comes to looking at flowers, who knew there would be so many? Rest assured as you sniff scents–it’s hard, really hard, to mess up flowers. Whichever you choose, they’ll be beautiful. After all, that’s what flowers do. But the real question remains: just how do you figure out your wedding flowers?

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Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Dresses

Long hem, short hem, red, black, white. When it comes to picking out and accessorizing your own perfect gown, things can get really confusing really fast. Can trains be too long? What should be wornunder the dress? Questions (and answers) abound in this rendition of Frequently Asked Questions.

White drains me of color but I really love the tradition. What options do I have?
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Introducing the Triad DJ & Events Photo Booth

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular at events around the world. Rather than anticipating fun and festive photos from the photographer, guests are doing it for you in every way imaginable. With props that range from boas and tiaras to hats and mustaches, a serious and fun photo can be captured directly by them for you.

Triad DJ & Events is proud to introduce their very own photo booth for your event. Including delivery, set up, and break down, we … Read More

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