Daddy-Daughter Dances all the Rage for Valentine’s Day

Daddy-Daughter dances are becoming increasingly popular around Valentine’s Day in North Carolina, as well as other areas of the country, from Texas to Rhode Island.  There were several of these events all over the state this February, and some have even been running for over 15 years. These dances give fathers a way to connect more with their daughters and spend some extra quailty time with them. It also provides a way to show their girls how they should be … Read More

Yes to the Dress: Choosing the Dress for Your Body

You’ve decided you’re going with a white ballgown dress when suddenly you’re bombarded by terms and questions you don’t even quite understand. “A sweetheart neckline?” Don’t panic. Before you run for the racks, check out these tips to help you discover just the right dress for your body type.

If you are pear shaped, that is to say weight falls below your waist, choose a dress with a defined natural waistline. This will bring attention to the narrowest part of … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions: Attendants

You’ve finally chosen your bridesmaids and groomsmen and contacted them but what happens now? How do you organize and get your maids ready for your big day without coming across as a bridezilla? Here I answer some frequently asked questions to get you and your attendants ready for your big day.

How do I avoid the flower girl’s possible temper tantrum?

We’ve all seen them: the beautiful wedding ceremony cracked with screams from an unhappy flower girl. If she’s young … Read More

Maintaining Your Guest List

Coworkers, extended family, that second cousin from Hawaii–the truth is, if you start including a few random people, your guest list will soon get out of control. Unless you’re looking for a large wedding ceremony, cut the list and keep it trimmed with these helpful hints.

Begin your list by asking your fiance and both sets of parents for their desired attendees. Once these lists are combined, you can mark off the duplicates and begin narrowing the invitees. Have everyone … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Locations

Finding the perfect location takes a lot of time and thought behind it. It should encapsulate you both. When you find that place, you’re bound to have questions spring up. Here are a few common questions during the location spotting time.

My venue comes with a facility director. What is his or her role? He works for the facility and is your go-to person should you have any questions or concerns. She will time the food presentation and help escort … Read More

Wedding Location, Location, Location

When it comes to wedding locations, it seems pretty straightforward–choose the place you want to start forever, right? Not so, though I know we all wish it were so. Often times there are permits involved and rules to follow in specific places. So before you say “I Do” to the location, see which location fits you like a glove.

Traditional. Think religious ceremony: a couple with religious ties and a large guest list  can choose a chapel or other religious … Read More

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