Q: How involved or interactive are your deejays?

A: It depends on how interactive you would like us to be! Our deejays work closely with you to make sure you are totally happy with our level of involvement. We can be the life of the party, or we can just make announcements and keep the party going!

Q: How early do you set up before a function?

A: We set up at least 2 or more hours prior to any event. That way everything is ready to go on time, every time!

Q: If my party runs later, can you stay longer?

A: We love a good party, and would be happy to stay. If you are having an afternoon event, we suggest that you schedule enough time when you sign our contract. We may have an evening event scheduled, and we would hate to end your reception prematurely.

Q: Do you provide references?

Wedding Wire AwardA: Make sure you check out our client testimonials here on the site. If you want to hear more, just email us and we will provide references. You can also check us out on Wedding Wire, and read what our clients are saying about Triad DJ & Events!

Q: Why a DJ opposed to a Band?

A: A deejay is simply the perfect match for a wedding reception. The deejay can provide a wider variety of music and create more guest participation than a band. For example, a band might have 50-60 songs on their playlist. Our deejays carry up to 10,000 songs to every event! You are guaranteed to hear the perfect variety of the greatest songs ever made for your special day!

Q: Do I Need Uplighting for My Event?

A: That’s a question only you can really answer. But I will say this: Uplighting will enhance the overall feel of your event. It essentially brings the space and décor together. We find that it’s one of the best ways to add color and give your event the “pop” it needs without breaking the bank… so to speak. For a free lighting demonstration, please give us a call.

Q: How important is it to have a photobooth at my event?

A: Whether it’s for a corporate, wedding, school or kids party, a photobooth is great way to add excitement for any type of event. Since photographs are the only lasting visual recording of who was at your special event, why not give your guest something fun to do. Not only will they have an awesome keepsake to take home with them, but also you can have a cd to view and hold onto for a lifetime. It’s really a great gift to give to your guests. For more information on our photo booths, take a look at these links.

For more on our photo booths, check out these blog articles:

Q: Why draping and why am I hearing about it just now?

A: We love draping and oftentimes it can be perfect for your event; it really all depends on its application. Draping has actually been around a long time but more and more of our clients are having there ceremony and reception take place at venues other than churches such as older reception halls, gymnasiums. We find it is great for covering up walls that might be a little too distracting due to the age or unique color. Basically, it allows you to start fresh, like a blank canvas. From there, lighting can be used along with the draping to produce the perfect feel you’re looking for.

Q: Uplighting: It’s all the same! Right?

Quite the contrary, uplighting is not all the same. Traditional uplights also known as par cans can give off decent light, but there a few drawbacks. First, old par cans do become very hot and can burn to the touch. And that’s a problem. Especially, since kids love light. Not only are children at risk but so are your drapes or furniture. Our advice is stay away from these lights and focus on Higher- end quality LED lights.

In the same regard, not al LED lights are the same. The cheaper ones tend not to give off enough light, cast color shadows, in addition to not being able to reach various shades of color or unable to produce a pure white. So my advice is speak with a lighting professional before making a hasty decision and thinking it’s all the same.

Call us today for a free demonstration. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Q: Do you offer consultations?

A: Yes! They are provided at absolutely no cost to you. We are more than happy to meet with you to discuss your special event. We want everything to flow smoothly and be as much fun as possible. Meeting with our clients gives us the opportunity to map out the evening in order to insure that everyone has a wonderful time.

Q: How early should I book in advance for my reception?

A: It is always recommended to book as far in advance as possible. Some months are busier than others, so the sooner the better. It’s better to be safe than sorry!