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LED Uplighting

LED Uplighting is a fabulous way to add a splash of color and bring your décor and event space together. Here at Triad DJ & Events we offer the best in both wired and wireless options to help create your vision while staying within your budget. Our LED Lights are completely customizable. Up to 16 million colors and shades. They do not get hot; as a result, they are safe around your guests and furniture. Unique color transitions to enhance the mood of your event. Low Power Consumption. We can plug 20 lights into one outlet with no strain on the electrical system.

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The new directional wireless Pin Spot changes the way events are imagined, created, and shared. Free from cumbersome cords, light stands, dimmer switches or control panels, this compact, light weight, LED fixture offers a warm white light that is perfect for highlighting décor and accenting floral centerpieces.

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Triad DJ & Events is proud to introduce our new string lights that create a magical glow and add the perfect touch to any event. We offer both LED string lights and a traditional Edison style bulb for more illumination. Our LED string lights offers a soft illumination in amber or a bright white glow. The LED string lights are available in 5′ and 10′ battery operated for great flexibility in their application. Our vintage Edison bulbs can be dimmed to help create the perfect ambience for your event.

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Whether hosting a corporate event, wedding reception, or just a great party, incorporating a customized monogram is the perfect way to add a personal touch. We work exclusively with glass monograms over their lower quality metal counterparts.  Glass gobos also referred to as (Go-Betweens) allow for the cleanest image possible while accommodating the complex design you desire. The gobo design starts with an in person consultation at your venue where we will discuss the overall design and placement of the light, so that we can achieve the best effect. As an additional layer of quality control, we test and review each one before your event. We feel it’s important for our clients to get their monogram the way they have envisioned it.

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