The Importance of a Photo Booth


Vanity Photo Booth

With a constant list of necessities and wish-list proposals, planning an event can be out-right intimidating. How do you know you’re booking the right caterer or florist? What about decorations and lighting? And when planning a wedding, something to be done only once, how can you be sure the pictures will turn out or even if there will be any worth while to keep in the end anyway?

The answer: vanity photo booth. But the question still remains: why not just hire a photographer?

You can think of it in any number of ways but the most obvious is photographs are the only lasting visual recording of who was at your reception, party, or event. With giving your guests something fun to do while you mingle, you can relax knowing that you’re not having to put your entire hopes in one or two photographers to not just capture every unique moment but every face too.


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While photographers are wonderful and can be a huge asset to any party or event, they have been known to sometimes take time picking through the shots from your event (along with countless others they have recently photographed) to give you the best edited pictures. Rather, with a photo booth you are able to take home the photographs that night. No wait, no hassle, but every commercial-grade photographic memory stored in your hand.

But my family suggested purchasing a few disposable cameras for the tables and guests take pictures themselves. There are two reasons this could end up a problem–maybe pictures won’t turn out that great (hello, thumb pics!) or perhaps a camera or ten go missing from the event. Maybe your guests aren’t privy to you wanting the camera back but rather the camera are for them to keep and develop for their own memories of your big day. In either case you’re still missing valuable documented moments and memories.


Vanity Photo Booth

When guests are always loaded with small gifts for joining you on such a special occasion, why not give them something they’ll really love like keepsakes of their own from the event? Our photo booth allows guests to print quality, commercial-grade photographs of them and their loved ones right at the booth. A perfect addition to any scrapbook that will have people talking for years.

Photo booths are increasing in hype as people understand their growing necessity at parties. When the cake is all eaten and the final guest says goodbye, it’s the pictures that remain. Photo booths help keep those memories fresh.

For information on our Vanity Photo Booths, please contact us. We will be happy to help make your next event a bit more memorable.

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