Triad DJ & Events: Best First Dances


first dance-3


Hey everyone! Intern Madison here to tell you about the latest trend in wedding receptions: Choreographed surprise first dances. (first line is awesome) Everyone loves to see the newly married couple’s first romantic dance together. However, some couples liked to take it up a notch and make a first dance that incorporates their unique flair. Forget about swaying around to a slow love song, these newlyweds are spending their first dance breaking it down on the dance floor to hip-hop music and even doing magic tricks. I hope these videos give you some inspiration! You may even want to try some ideas at your wedding!

1. This couple went above and beyond with their first dance by bringing in the whole bridal party in on the fun. They even psyched the audience out with a fake slow dance beginning jumping right into a push and some Jay-Z. Our DJs happen to love Jay-Z and have all of his music ready for your next hip-hop dance.

2. Guests at this reception were in for a huge surprise about one and a half minutes into the dance when the bride and groom broke out from their sweet, slow dance and into a playful dance to “You’re the One that I Want”. They had me fooled, too!


3. Now, this dance really blew me away. Aside from the incredible choreography, the scenery of this event could not be more beautiful. Between the bride’s perfect hair and absolutely stunning, sweepy wedding gown mixed with romantic lighting, this backyard wedding was one for the books. The magician groom and professional dancer bride made the perfect mix of magic and moves for their first dance.

Our DJ’s can make the perfect song mix for you and your spouse to coordinate an exciting first dance to. Contact us today to get in on this fun wedding trend!

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