Triad DJ & Events: Best Groom and Groomsmen Dances

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Hey everyone! Madison here to tell you all about my favorite, new wedding reception trend: Grooms and groomsmen dancing for the new bride. Couple’s are becoming YouTube sensations for the fun routines that grooms are choreographing for their brides, and this is something that I can see at my wedding…down the road. I’ve looked high and low and located some of the absolute best videos I could find just to give you guys a little wedding reception inspiration for your upcoming wedding day.


1. Now these fellas have an unfair advantage because they must be professional dancers. Aside from their absolutely amazing dance moves, the soundtrack to this dance is incredible!


2.This video set the bar pretty high considering it is titled “Best Groomsmen Dance Ever”. Ever?! I watched this hesitantly but have to admit, this groom’s dance did not disappoint. The men were creative and slick with their dance moves (especially to Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk”) I also love their suits, are they not tailored to perfection?


3. This groom and his groomsmen decided to make a fun dance to Justin Bieber’s hits (as of 2012) such as the addictive hit “Baby”. I would love to see someone re-do this dance using all of his new music. Maybe you and your fiance will be the one to do it! Also, is it just me or do all of these groomsmen look identical?


4. These guys a lot of effort into their hip-hop dance, and it definitely shows. The personal introductions were super sweet, too. I love this hip-hop playlist and these groomsmen did not disappoint with their moves!


At Triad DJ & Events, our DJ’s will work personally with you and your fiance to put together the perfect wedding reception playlist. We can even create the perfect groomsmen dance soundtrack! Contact us today to learn more about our fabulous DJ services.

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