Triad DJ & Events: Best Line Dance Songs for Weddings


Hey everyone! I’ve already shown you the list for best school event line dance songs, now it’s time for the best WEDDING line dances! At Triad DJ & Events, our DJ’s promise to get everyone out on the dance floor. Have a look at this list below and let me know what ya think.


  1. WOP – J.Dash ft. Flo Rida: Now, I’ve gotta be honest with you guys, before writing this post I had heard of the Wop but had absolutely no idea how to do it. After watching the music video and seeing a big group of people “wopping” (is that what it’s called?) on the beach, I can see how easy and amusing it is to do! This is such a popular line dance at weddings, because of its upbeat appeal.

  1. Wobble – V.I.C: Not to be confused with the aforementioned “WOP”, “The Wobble” is a super popular line dance that is easy to catch on to. It must be especially popular in North Carolina because I have never been in a club down here where it was not played! The Wobble is pretty simple to do, you basically just lean along to the music and get your wobble on. It is always a big hit on the dance floor for guests of all ages.

  1. The Cha Cha Slide – DJ Casper: Last but not least, The Cha Cha Slide! Ya’ll know I had to include this one on the list since it is the greatest line dance of all time. Similar to The Cupid Shuffle, this song talks you through all the dance moves to make it easy and fun to follow along with regardless of your age. This one could not be easier, the song even says “To the left, take it back now ya’ll. One hop this time, right foot let’s stomp”!

For more inspiration be sure to check out our post on best school event line dances and comment below any line dance suggestions you may have! For a DJ that knows how to get everyone up and on their seat at your wedding, contact Triad DJ & Events today.

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