Triad DJ & Events: Dancing Down the Aisle


One of the most important moments of a wedding is when the wedding party emerges down the aisle as guests anxiously await the bride’s reveal. Some couples took a more creative route and decided to DANCE down the aisle. It is a celebration, after all! At Triad DJ & Events are rounding up some of our favorite “dancing down the aisle” videos to inspire your wedding ceremony.


Topping our list is what appears to be the original dance down the aisle. At over 90 million views on YouTube, this wedding party really shows us how it’s done as they dance to Forever by Chris Brown.

Now here’s a wedding party with some intense dance moves. We love the straight-faced, Star Wars serious entrance and how it moves into Pharrell’s “Happy”.

Last but not least is our favorite dance down the aisle. There is no better song to walk down the aisle to than “Marry You” by Bruno mars. “Marry You” is classic, relevant and catchy. We’re also loving that blue color scheme as well!

At Triad DJ & Events we want to keep your guests dancing from the moment the ceremony starts to the very last song of the reception. Contact us today for DJs that will work with you for the perfect wedding playlist.

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