Triad DJ & Events Top 5 Favorite Rock Introduction Songs



There is nothing better than having that special must-play introduction song for you and your favorite people to walk into and what better way to do than to rock out with your favorite hair banging, air guitar entrance? As part of Triad DJ & Event’s third installment of top introduction songs we give you our Top 5 Favorite Rock jams! This playlist is perfect for couples who rock.

U2- Beautiful Day: Most people would agree, your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life, so why not pick a beautiful song to go with it? Walking into your reception with U2 playing in the background will be sure to create a special moment.

Journey- Don’t Stop Believin’: This Journey power ballad is one of those songs everyone knows the words to. You will love busting through the doors to this classic sung by none other than Journey’s long time frontman- Steve Perry with the one you love.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck: The only thing that will get you more pumped than marrying the love of your life is listening to THIS song. Everyone will get up and on their feet welcoming you two into the reception with Thunderstruck blaring.

Aerosmith-Walk this Way: You’ve already walked down the aisle, now it’s time to “walk this way” into the reception with your new spouse. The minute your guests hear that classic Aerosmith guitar riff they will be up and out of their seats.

Metallica- Enter Sandman: Warning: this intro song is for hard core rockers only! If you want to grab everyone’s attention the moment before you and your new spouse walk through the reception doors, start by playing this jam.

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