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Triad DJ & Events is counting down the best bouquet toss songs this week. It’s all about the ladies on this one! Sorry fella’s you’ll have to wait your turn. These songs are guaranteed to get all the single ladies out on the dance floor ready to dive for that coveted bouquet.


Beyonce’ – Run The World (Girls): If you are all about girl power this is just what you need for your bouquet toss. “Run the World” will be sure to get all the single gals at your wedding up and ready to catch that bouquet.



Beyonce’ – Single Ladies: Because one Beyonce’ song isn’t enough. This is perhaps the ultimate bouquet toss song because the toss is intended for single ladies and that’s exactly who the song is referring to.

Beastie Boys – Girls: This song is all about boys crooning over girls and we love the xylophone beat- perfect to dive at a bouquet of flowers to. Notable lyrics include: “Girls, all I really want is girls and in the morning it’s girls, Cause in the evening it’s girls”

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: What gal doesn’t love getting up and on the floor to this song? Especially if it’s in hope of catching the coveted bouquet and being the next to get married.

Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot: It’s almost as if the single ladies are asking the bride to give it her best bouquet toss. “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” is all about girl power and throwing your fists up to fierce  competition.

At Triad DJ & Events we promise to work personally with you to make sure every song played at your reception is perfect. Contact us today for music that will get everyone out on the dancefloor!

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